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Help for Victims of Serious Accidents and Injuries in San Jose, California

At Accident Lawyers, we are a team of experienced attorneys and knowledgeable support staff committed to helping victims of serious and fatal injuries throughout San Jose and the surrounding areas in California's Silicon Valley. We have more than 35 years of combined attorney experience to apply to each case we take on, and our legal team is fully devoted to providing only the highest quality client service combined with aggressive representation to assist our clients in recovering top value settlements for their catastrophic injury claims.

When you work with a San Jose injury lawyer at our law firm, you will experience the personalized service and compassionate guidance that sets us apart from the rest of the firms in the area. At Accident Lawyers, we understand that you have just experienced a traumatic event. It is our mission to provide you with the legal help you need to make the right choices about your case and have the opportunity of reaching the best possible outcome.

Free Serious Injury Case Evaluation

Your initial consultation with a catastrophic injury attorney at our law offices is completely free and always confidential. All you have to do is call us at 408-516-2417 to schedule your attorney consultation and case evaluation, and we will take the time to talk to you about what occurred, what options you have and how we can work to protect your legal rights.

Our injury law firm takes on all types of catastrophic injury claims in the San Jose area, including those involving: head trauma,brain injuries, organ damage, internal bleeding, paralysis, amputation, severe burns, eye injuries,loss of eyesight,loss of hearing, paraplegia,quadriplegia, and much more.

Spinal Cord Injuries
Spinal cord injury claims are a key focus of our San Jose injury firm. When the spinal cord sustains any amount of trauma, the victim may suffer from partial or total paralysis in certain areas of the body depending on where along the spinal cord the injury occurs. For example, injuries from the base of the skull to the neck may cause quadriplegia, paralysis of both the arms and legs and possibly the entire trunk. Injuries below the base of the neck may result in paraplegia, paralysis of the legs and possibly the lower part of the trunk. The extent of paralysis will vary depending on whether the spinal cord is damaged or severed completely. Although the impact of a spinal cord injury on a victim's life will vary dramatically depending on the extent of injury sustained, one thing holds true: it will have a physical, financial and emotional impact. Click here to read more about spinal cord injuries.

Seeking Justice in San Jose Serious Injury Claims

When another person is at fault in causing your serious injury or the loss of a loved one, you may have the right to legal recourse. By filing a personal injury claim in civil court, you can seek financial compensation for your catastrophic injuries. Because cases involving serious accidents and injuries typically involve extreme medical bills, the need for continued care and possibly a temporary or permanent disability, the value of these claims is often significant. In seeking justice and recovering financial compensation, the victim of a serious injury in San Jose may be able to begin rebuilding his or her life and moving on - which is all that most of our clients want.

To learn more about what your serious accident claim may be worth and how Accident Lawyers can help, contact a San Jose injury lawyer today!